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File Upload Using Swagger 2.0 Spec

A little information on how to edit your swagger.json document (v2) so that you can accept file uploads in NodeJS. Includes a workaround for a current bug.

I have searched far and near for how to write your Swagger doc to allow a file upload. They are usually for the "1.2" spec but sometimes they are incorrect as well.

The following snippet will allow you to send a file which will be in req.body.files.file (when using multner)

 "/v1/images": {
  . . .

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December 06, 2014

SMS/Text Implementation Examples in iOS8

How various iOS apps implement SMS/Text based sharing. We consider the pros and cons of each.

When a requirement to be able to sms/text users in the address book of the user of an app is necessary there are different implementation methods that we see in various apps.
Here we consider how the user chooses the addresses to include in the sms/text message. We also consider the pros and cons of each option as well as look at a list . . .

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December 03, 2014

Helping Dyslexics 'Unscramble' Websites

A Chrome extension that changes more than just the font of a webpage allowing dyslexic users to have a better experience regardless of page design.


Unscrambled is a chrome extension that addresses various website design problems that make it difficult for dyslexics to read text. It addresses more than other chrome extensions, is easier to use than most Chrome extensions, and requires no configuration unlike other extensions. Get it at the Google Chrome extension site here . . .

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November 18, 2014

Upgrade from 10.8.4 to Yosemite

I swear, I was forced to do it against my will. Here is my list of bugs.

I had to make this update because I wanted to use the new Apple Swift programming language which is only present in Xcode 6+ which requires something close to Yosemite. Had I found an option to update to 10.9 instead, I would have done that.

Overall, the update process was painless. Below is a list of apps that no longer work.

. . .

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November 16, 2014

Terrible Uber Routing

Awful routing makes me wonder if I am being gouged by Uber in cities I am not familiar with.

I recently took a ride with Uber through SF, a city I am very familiar with. And the Uber app wanted to take the driver a completely unbelievable route that would have almost definitely cost me more. When looking at the route in Google we can see a much more reasonable route.

I can never trust Uber routing again.

Here are my problems with this:

  • It . . .

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November 05, 2014

Use Multiple Values for a Single Jasmine Suite

An alternative to npm libraries like 'jasmine-where' and full blown data provider pattern.

Often, we want to reuse the test suites and encompassing assertions when writing out test cases but want to input different values. Currently, jasmine doesn't provide any kind of pattern for doing so. If you don't want to use another 3rd party library, such as 'jasmine-where', there is a relatively easy way to do so below. In . . .

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October 29, 2014

Subvert with Vim Across Multiple files

If you aren't with it the following with work with built in vim :substitute

  1. Open one of the files you want to be included in your find and replace search.

  2. Add that open file to your args list with :argadd % or :arga %

  3. Repeat 1-2 above for all the files you want to include. You can do things like include all .js files with :argadd *.js

  4. You can check that you have all the files by typing :arg You will . . .

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October 22, 2014